Terms of Service

How it works? 


  • Purchase your installation service and any additional mods/services you would like done to your console. I have 2 different shipping options...
    • I offer Pay Now shipping services so that you can pay for your service and return shipping in full. This is for USPS Priority flat rate only as I can ship these anywhere in the US for the same price. You may add up to $1000 insurance for these as well if you like. 
    • I offer Pay Later shipping services for those that would prefer a more customized shipping experience if the Pay Later option is chosen you will be billed for these shipping charges at the time that your console is ready to be sent home. You will still have to pay for your services up front. ***I will only ship via the big 3 so USPS,UPS & FedEx and will ship with whichever of their services you like with however much insurance you would like as well. 
  • Once you have paid for your service you will be emailed a receipt along with shipping instructions. 
  • Please print a copy of your order and include it in your package to help me verify orders as they come in to my shop. If you cannot do this then please write your order # on the outside of the box or leave me a piece of paper with it written on it inside the box.
  • Please only include the console and kit to be installed. Do not include cables, accessories, games etc...  as they are not needed and I am only responsible for your console and mod kit. (unless stated otherwise in the description of the service or we have set up something custom via email)
  • Ship your console to me using your preferred shipping provider and make sure to add insurance if you would like as I am not responsible for damages during shipping to and from my shop. You are responsible for the shipping charges to and from my shop. If you used my Pay Now option you are only paying for the return shipping not the shipping costs of getting your console to my shop. 
  • Once your package arrives at our shop you will receive email confirmation that it has been received. 
  • Please allow me my "estimated turnaround time" to complete the work on your console. This is posted at the top of my home page. Please remember that this is an estimate and could take longer but I do my best to keep it up to date. 
  • Once the work to your console has been completed and your console has been thoroughly tested you will be notified of this and depending on the shipping specifications that you expressed at the time you set up the install you either: 
    • If you chose "Pay Now" at checkout you will be notified that your console is on the way and get your tracking information.
    • If you chose "Pay Later" at checkout you will be sent a link to pay for your preferred shipping method and once paid will be notified that your console is on the way and get your tracking information. 
  • Once you receive your console please check that everything arrived safely and your console is working as intended.
  • Enjoy!


  I work on retro game consoles pushing 20-30 years in age and cannot offer much in the way of a warranty. These being old consoles issues can arise from any number of things such as aging components failing, kit failure, misuse etc.. and I am not responsible for these issues. 

  I do however offer a 3 month warranty on my work. If you have an issue within this time period after receiving your console please contact me and let me know the issue. If I can not help you resolve the issue through messaging and believe the issue may be related to the install I will ask that you send the console back....

  • You will cover the cost of shipping your console back to me. 
  • Once received I will send you notification that I have received your package. 
  • Warranty work will be moved to the front of the queue so that I can do my part to get your console back to you ASAP. 
  • If it is determined that the issue is due to my install: I will fix the issue free of charge, refund you the cost of shipping to my shop and cover the shipping cost back to you. 
  • If the issue is unrelated to my install work I will do my best to diagnose it and get you a quote to fix said issue. If this is the case you will also be responsible for the return shipping weather you want to pay for the fix or not. 
  • This quote can be for anything as small as a blown fuse up to needing a entire replacement motherboard or mod kit. We will not do any work without confirmation from you to do so. 


I am not responsible for...

  • Damages during shipping your console to and from my shop.
  • Operational failure of your console due to aging components.
  • Missing parts in kits provided by customers. 
  • Being sent faulty kits for installation or kit failure unrelated to installation.

It is the customers responsibility to...

  • Make sure you are sending a 100% functioning console. 
  • Make sure your console is compatible with the kit that you have sent in for installation.
  • Disclose any knowledge of prior work or mods being done to the console that may cause issues with the installation of your kit. (contact me before setting up a installation service if this is the case) 
  • Cover all shipping costs to and from my shop. 


  • I DO NOT take repair work or botched mod installations. Please DO NOT send these.
  • Concerning my "Full Service": I do my best to get your console cleaned up and remove any markings, scuffs, scratches etc... but I am no wizard! If you send me a console that is beat to hell, full of scratches, chips, stains, yellowed etc... chances are I will not be able to address these and your console will still be in the same condition cosmetically but she will be clean. I do not offer retro-brighting services either. 
  • If when I open your console I find an infestation (I'm not talking a bug or two, that is fine and honestly happens quite often) I'm talking full on Joe's Apartment with roaches inside your console. I will immediately box the console back up, refund your purchase minus shipping costs and contact you about the issue. I reserve the right to also bill you for extermination costs should they be needed for me being sent a live infestation and taking over my shop. Your console will not be sent back until this bill is paid. Sorry but it has happened before! If you think this may be a problem please open your console and check before sending.