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LCD Version Full Service

LCD Version Full Service

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Give your GBA the love it deserves! With some of my patented Full Service Action! I recommend this upgrade to keep your console running and looking its best!

  • Handheld will be completely torn down
  • All plastics, button, membranes, etc.. will be run through my ultrasonic cleaner.
  • All motherboards and PCB’s will be hand cleaned with 99% Isopropyl alcohol
  • All high stress mechanical connections (Power/Audio ports, Controller Ports & Cartridge Connectors) will be re-soldered to ensure proper connections are being made
  • All Power/Audio ports,  Cartridge Connectors will be treated with DeoxIT contact cleaner that removes oxidation, improves connections, seals & protects
  • Replace all Electrolytic Capacitors with new Hi-quality ones from Console5.com
  • All plastics will have a Hi-grade UV Protectant (Aerospace 303) applied. This will help prevent UV light damage to your consoles plastics and prevents fading, cracking also repels dust, dirt & staining and is Non-greasy

    :   Concerning my "Full Service": I do my best to get your console cleaned up and remove any markings, scuffs, scratches etc... but I am no wizard! If you send me a console that is beat to hell, full of scratches, chips, stains, yellowed etc... chances are I will not be able to address these and your console will still be in the same condition cosmetically but she will be clean. I do not offer retro-brighting services either.