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SONY PS1 X-Station Installation Service

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Notice to Customers:

If you've found this add-on service through a search engine, please do not purchase it independently. This service is designed to complement our main mail-in services. Unauthorized purchases of this add-on will be cancelled and refunded, with a 5% deduction to cover transaction costs imposed by Shopify. For any questions, please reach out to us via our contact page. Thank you for your understanding.


Service Description:

Choose this service for Professional installation of the X-Station ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) in your SONY PS1 Console. This kit must be provided by the customer for this installation service. For more information and/or to purchase the X-Station head to Stone Age Website Here.


The X-Station can be installed into these original PlayStation series of consoles:

  • SCPH-100x
  • SCPH-3xxx
  • SCPH-5xxx

This X-Station comes with both a PU-8 and PU-18 PCB, which will make it compatible with the models below.

100X Quick Solder Board v1a (PU-8) Compatibility:

  • Most SCPH-1001*
  • Most SCPH-1002*
  • Most SCPH-3000*
  • Most SCPH-3500*
  • All SCPH-5000

* Some of the PlayStation models use an early version of the PU-8, which unfortunately is not compatible. To determine which PU-8 version you have you must open up your PS1 and look for the number on the board. An early version would be X-XXX-XXX-11, and would be incompatible. If there is another number instead of 11 ast the end (21, 22, 23 or 41) it is compatible (the X's are also numbers, they are just not relevant).

550X Quick Solder Board v1a (PU-18) Compatibility:

  • All SCPH-5001
  • All SCPH-5500
  • All SCPH-5501
  • All SCPH-5502
  • All SCPH-5503
  • All SCPH-5552

    Please open your PS1 to verify you have the correct revisions. Need help with verifying this? We have made a YouTube video to help you do so and that can be viewed here