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X-Station Installation Service

X-Station Installation Service

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Have your X-Station ODE installed by one of CastleMania Games's Recommended Installers!

  This is a mail-in service. I do not sell or provide the kit for this service. You MUST provide the compatible PS1 (see below) and X-Station Kit. Kits can be purchased here when available.  


  The X-Station can be installed in SCPH-100x, SCPH-5xxx and some SCPH-700x series consoles. Specifically, motherboard models that are supported are:  Late Model PU-8 & PU-18 motherboard revisions. 


The Late PU-8 mainboards can be found in: 

  • Most SCPH-1001 and SCPH-1002
  • Most SCPH-3000
  • Most SCPH-3500
  • All SCPH-5000
  • Early mainboards are labeled PU-8-11 and are NOT compatible
  • Late mainboards are labeled PU-8-21/22/23 or 41 and ARE compatible.


PU-18 mainboards can be found in: 

  • All SCPH-5001
  • All SCPH-5501 - 5503
  • All SCPH-5552
  • (very rarely) SCPH-7001 - 7003
  • Early SCPH-700x models come with either a PU-18 or PU-20 motherboard. Please check before setting up an installation as PU-20 is NOT supported.


Please watch my video here to help identify which revision you have.


Ordering Instructions: 

  • (Required) Choose your model of PS1.
  • Choose any additional mods or services you would like added to your installation service. 
  • (Required)  Select your answer to "How would you like your console shipped back.
    • I offer Pay Now shipping services so that you can pay for your service and shipping in full. This is for USPS Priority flat rate only as I can ship these anywhere in the US for the same price. You may add up to $1000 insurance for these as well if you like. 
    • I offer Pay Later shipping services for those that would prefer a more customized shipping experience if the Pay Later option is chosen you will be billed for these shipping charges at the time that your console is ready to be sent home. You will still have to pay for your services up front. 
  • (Required) Insert the "Return Shipping Address" that you would like me to send the console to once I've completed the work and your console is ready to be shipped back. ***Please make sure this is correct as I am not liable for lost packages due to being given the wrong address. 
    • (Required) Read and accept the Terms of Service. 
    • Continue to check out and Pay for your installation service. You will receive a confirmation email of your order and shipping instructions. 

     Please read the FAQ if you have any questions about how my installation service works.