Mail In "Services"

  1. Create a account. 
  2. Head over to the "Services" section of the website and choose the installation service you would like to setup. 
  3. Choose any additional mods or services you would like added to your installation service. 
  4. (Required)  Select your answer to "How would you like your console shipped back. I have 2 different options. "Pay Now" allows you to pay in full for your installation service and shipping. "Pay Later" is if you would like to use another shipping service than what is provided with my "Pay Now" option. ***Either option requires payment for your installation service up front. 
  5. (Required) Insert the "Return Shipping Address" that you would like me to send the console to once I've completed the work and your console is ready to be shipped back. ***Please make sure this is correct as I am not liable for lost packages due to being given the wrong address. 
  6. (Required) Read and accept the Terms of Service.
  7. Continue to check out and pay for your installation service. You will receive a confirmation email of your order and shipping instructions. 

All shipping costs to and from my shop are handled by you the customer. I offer 2 different ways this can be handled. 

1.  Pay Now shipping services are so that you can pay for your service and shipping in full and won't require needing to be sent another bill for your shipping service later. This is for USPS Priority flat rate only as I can ship these anywhere in the US for the same price. You may add up to $1000 insurance for these as well if you like.

2.  Pay Later shipping services are for those that would prefer a more customized shipping experience if the Pay Later option is chosen you will be billed for these shipping charges at the time that your console is ready to be sent home. I will ship via the big 3 so USPS, UPS or FedEx with whatever service you like and your desired insurance (if any) ***You will still have to pay for your services up front. 

My turnaround time can be viewed at the top Home PagePlease remember that this is an estimate and could take longer but I do my best to keep it up to date. 

If you have setup a install service, shipped me your console and received confirmation that it has arrived, please allow me the turnaround time (posted at the top of the home page) to complete the project. You may absolutely contact me if you need to change something with your order or have any other requests but please try and limit the "is my console ready?" questions as they slow me down from getting work done and therefore slow down your order as well. As soon as I have your console finished and thoroughly tested your will be the first to know.... well.. 2nd. I'll be the first. 

I offer a warranty on my work only. Details on my warranty can be found on the "Terms" page. 

Yes I do! I will provide the cap kits (sourced from console5.com), batteries, holders, LEDs, 3D printed pieces etc... and they are included in my price! There are some exception to this and those will be clearly listed in those services. 

At this time I am not taking on jobs like this. Please see my "Shop" section for any premodded consoles I may have available.

No. Sorry, at this time I am only accepting work in the U.S. I would strongly recommending finding a "modder" in your own country as you will save yourself quite a bit of money by not shipping overseas.

No. Sorry at this time I am focusing solely on installations for products that I am listed as a "recommended installer" for those being products from PixelFXBlack Dog Tech, Game-Tech.US & Castlemania Games's X-Station.


I do not. ALL shipping charges to and from my shop are you the customers responsibility and this is clearly stated in my terms of service.

If you used my Pay Now option when setting up your service you are only paying for the return shipping. You are responsible for getting your console to me

I do not. Any kits I have are for my premodded consoles only. If you are looking for a kit please support the developers and purchase one from them.