Turnaround Time For New Mail-in Service Orders Is 1-2 Weeks

Return Shipping

Return Shipping Information for Installation Services

When you choose Dragon's Hoard Gaming for your console installation services, we offer convenient and reliable return shipping exclusively via USPS Priority Mail. This method allows us to streamline our shipping process as USPS picks up packages directly from our shop daily, saving both time and resources.

Shipping Cost and Overages: The shipping fee you pay at checkout is an estimate. This approach allows us to ensure that the shipping costs are covered without overcharging you. Should there be any overages (where the actual shipping cost is less than what you were charged), we will refund the difference once your console is dispatched.

Shipping Insurance: We strongly encourage you to purchase additional shipping insurance at the time of checkout. This insurance should cover the full replacement value of your console. While we ensure that every console is securely packaged and handled with the utmost care, obtaining insurance provides an extra layer of protection against unforeseen events during transit, for which we cannot be held liable.

Liability Disclaimer: Please note that while every effort is made to ensure the safe return of your cherished console after refurbishing or modification, we cannot be held liable for any damages that may occur during shipping. To safeguard your investment, we highly recommend obtaining insurance for the full replacement value of the unit when shipping it back to you. This added precaution provides peace of mind and ensures that your beloved console is protected throughout its journey.

For any questions about shipping, insurance options, or to adjust your shipping insurance coverage, please contact us before your console is shipped. Our goal is to make your service experience as secure and satisfying as possible.