Turnaround Time For New Mail-in Service Orders Is 1-2 Weeks


Standard Installation Service Warranty

All of our installation services come with a 1 yr warranty. This warranty is designed to cover the quality of our installation work for a period of one year from the date of service.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Installation Quality: This warranty covers any issues arising directly from our installation work. If a problem develops with your console due to our installation process within the warranty period, we will rectify the issue at no additional labor cost to you.
  • Mod Kit Exclusion: Please note that while we stand behind our installation quality, this warranty does not cover the mod kit itself. Any failures related to the mod kit, unless directly caused by our installation, are not covered.

Shipping for Warranty Service:

  • As with our Full Service warranty, you will be responsible for the shipping costs to send your console to us for any warranty service under this standard warranty. We take care of the shipping back to you after addressing the warranty issue.

Scope of Warranty:

  • This warranty is specifically limited to the installation of mod kits and does not extend to any other aspects of the console or additional modifications not performed by us. It is designed to ensure that the installation service you receive meets our high standards of quality and reliability.

"Full Service" Warranty Overview

When you choose Dragon's Hoard Gaming for your console servicing needs, your purchase of our Full Service option comes with a robust 1-year warranty. This warranty covers any issues that may arise with the components we have directly replaced or serviced as part of our comprehensive service package.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Our warranty specifically covers the workmanship and components we replace or service. It's designed to ensure that your console operates optimally after servicing.
  • Should any issue arise within the year following the service that is attributable to our workmanship or the components we have serviced, we will address it at no additional cost to you.

Shipping for Warranty Service:

  • You, the customer, will be responsible for the shipping costs when sending in your console for warranty service. We cover the shipping costs back to you after the service, ensuring a seamless experience.

Extended Warranty Options:

  • For those seeking additional peace of mind, we offer extended warranties of 1 and 2 additional years. These extended warranties continue the same comprehensive coverage as our standard warranty, extending the peace of mind and protection for your console.

Warranty Exclusions

Our warranty aims to ensure your peace of mind by covering the workmanship and components we replace or service. However, it's important to note the limitations of this coverage:

  • Mod Kits: We do not provide warranties for mod kits supplied by customers. Should a mod kit fail due to our installation, we commit to repairing it or replacing it if possible. This is the only circumstance under which mod kits are covered by our warranty.
  • External Damage: The warranty does not cover damages resulting from external causes such as accidents, abuse, misuse, or unauthorized modifications made after our service.
  • Inherent Defects: We cannot cover inherent defects in parts of the console that were not replaced or serviced by us during the full service. Our warranty only extends to the parts and components that we have directly serviced or replaced.
  • Components Not Serviced: Only the components that are directly serviced or replaced as part of our Full Service are covered by the warranty. Components that were not serviced or replaced are excluded from warranty coverage.

For any warranty claims or questions about coverage, please contact us directly. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and the optimal performance of your serviced console.