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SONY PS1 X-Station Mount

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Notice to Customers:

If you've found this add-on service through a search engine, please do not purchase it independently. This service is designed to complement our main mail-in services. Unauthorized purchases of this add-on will be cancelled and refunded, with a 5% deduction to cover transaction costs imposed by Shopify. For any questions, please reach out to us via our contact page. Thank you for your understanding.


Service Description:

Thanks to Greg Collins at Laser Bear Industries, we can offer to 3D print a X-Station Mount to accompany the installation of your X-Station ODE.

  • This allows you to use a standard sized SD card over the micro SD that comes with the X-Station. It also makes accessing your SD card easier and also helps to fill the void where the original optical drive used to be, providing a cleaner look.
  • We can print in whatever color you like so just make sure fill in the field. If left blank we will print your mount in Black. 

* If you already have a X-Station Mount that you purchased from Laser Bear Industries DO NOT PURCHASE this add-on and instead just send it along with your console and I'll install it free of charge.